There I was, writing an utterly brilliant piece, when my computer pulled a late April Fools joke and all my work was lost.  Until I can regain my composure, and re-write EVERYTHING FROM MEMORY, you shall have to do without me. No great hardship on your part, but I just thought I should explain my sudden disappearance.

That’s all… I have nothing more to say right now…

Hullo, readers!

Sorry I’ve been leaving you hanging about my review of my theatrical experience last night, and I’m afraid I must leave it for just a bit longer, as I’m off again on another event!

I’ll be back tonight to tell you all about “Drood”!

While I may…

Hullo, all!

I’ve just time to dash off a quick note while on my break at work. …and no, for those of you who don’t already know where I work, I shall not tell the rest of you, yet. No particular reason.

As usual, I didn’t give myself enough time to partake of breakfast, but considering how much popcorn and Mike and Ikes taste just like Frootloops, I think I’m covered!

I won’t really have much interesting to say until later tonight, after I’ve returned from a production of “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”, in which quite a goodly number of my friends are performing! They are such very talented people, I am pins and needles to see this show!

More later…

I always told myself I would never become one of those people who “blogs”. Mostly because I so despised the word “blog”. What does that really mean? Ok, I know what it’s supposed to mean, but I have a certain contempt for all these silly, new made up words and such. I first rebelled against facebook, simply because it was called “facebook”. What an irritating name! How long do you think that lasted?

I have…Hmmm… ~ Not sure I want to use the phrase “mended my ways”. I’ll say” my point of view is a bit different now”. There. I much prefer that. ~ So here I am. Blogging. And listening to Maria Callas simultaneously. Not that you NEEDED to know THAT, but hey! What’s a blog for, right? 😉

Perhaps launching a blog on April 15th was not the best decision. I consider all the bad things associated with that particular date. Abraham Lincoln was shot. The Titanic went down. Tax day. The fourth installment of Scream. And now this! I’ll try to slant it as a much needed good thing to signify this date, but that call might not really be up to me. That, my friends, is up to you to decide.

So…why did I decide to write a blog, then? I guess the reason is because I ran out reasons why NOT to do it! I love people’s input and in this crazy life I’ve etched out for myself you need to be open to all this wonderful world has to offer. Maybe I have something to say that someone out there needs to hear. Who knows? And that’s what’s so great about it. Life is for discovery, not for sneering at.

I hope you’ll enjoy my writings and such tidbits I’ll share with you here, and I’m eager to hear from you. Drop a line sometime! It’ll be nice to know ya’.

All for now. I’ll be seeing you…